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Princess Adryanna Plamonte is the youngest child and second daughter of King Orkzan Plamonte and Queen Sylastine Honeywood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Appearance and Character[edit | edit source]

Adryanna is described as being beautiful, having long soft brown hair and large dark brown eyes, a small nose and plump full lips. She has a shy smile and a friendly and sweet voice. She is one of The Four Beauties of Ukoris.

Adryanna's attire usually consists of a form fitting gown made of silk with a tight-laced bodice that bares her shoulders and the top of her bosom often decorated with gold and red flower patterns and rubies.

Adryanna is as beautiful as she is clever she is popular with the commoners notably more than the rest of her family as she often visits orphanages and the slums of the capital and hands out food and clothing to the less fortunate of the world. She is described as soft and gentle by Leilani. She follows The Faith of Delphy.

History[edit | edit source]

Adryanna was born at her families seat of Plamonte Palace in Plamonte the capital of Ukoris she is the youngest child of King Orkzan Plamonte and Queen Sylastine Honeywood. Adryanna was born in 275 AC making her 15 at the start of the story she has three brothers Rorth, Rallor and Tarlon Plamonte and one sister Tallah Plamonte.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

290 AC[edit | edit source]

In 290 AC Adryanna is first seen when she is sitting with her mother and sister out in the gardens of Plamonte Palace when they are interrupted by their father telling them about House Herrinfor and the attack of Migone City. Adryanna asks about House Migone and what happened to them and is given the news that all members of House Migone were killed in the attack rendering the house extinct. Adryanna asks her father what he plans to do about the attack she is told not to worry herself about it.

Adryanna is present at the meeting with her family and members of the council as they decide how the are going to keep the other houses loyal to the crown. Adryanna suggests the idea of arranging the marriage with one of the daughters of House Robbin.

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