Emmeria HaViear[edit | edit source]

Lady Emmeria HaViear is the third daughter of Oxereyn HaViear and Masir Keller she is betrothed to Ser Gorson Herrinfor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Emmeria is the eleventh child of Oxereyn HaViear and Masir Keller. Emmeria was born in 274 AC making her 16 at the start of the story. Emmeria was raised at the HaViear's seat of Clernointe Palace in Endong all her life Emmeria has been described as surprisingly beautiful due to her families reputation of producing unpleasant looking offspring. Due to her beauty her father made sure to hide her from the world so that her could use her for later games and plans. During her childhood Emmeria was tutored to use her looks as an advantage and to manipulate men into doing what she wants.

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