House Plamonte of Plamonte Palace is a Great House of Ukoris and the current royal house of Ukoris. They rule over the whole of Ukoris and The Winter Isles from their seat of Plamonte Palace in the city of Plamonte they are the youngest of the Great Houses in Ukoris being founded only 349 years before the start of the story by Lord Jayrin Plamonte.

The House is currently Lead by King Orkzan Plamonte.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

House Plamonte originates from the continent of Alssos 349 years before the start of the story where their founder Jayrin Plamonte saved Emperor Gyllyoss Irantis and was granted the Castle of West Water in Elenaes. During their time as lords House Plamonte rose quickly to power becoming one of the most powerful families in Maseen. After the death of Lord Jayrin Plamonte his son Lord Oslo Plamonte became Lord of West Water in 5 BC

In 4 BC Lord Oslo Plamonte rebelled against the Emperor of Maseen at the time Arodos Irantis (Gyllyoss Irantis' grandson) because he believed he was an incompetent ruler and wanted to make The Red Peak an independent kingdom after hearing about this Emperor Arodos Irantis called for Lord Oslo's head Emperor Arodos sent an army of 20,000 men to capture Lord Oslo and his family Lady Tyriah, their children Master Sallandor and Lady Vaeshira and his two siblings Master Lysaro and Lady Wynera. When the army arrived at West Water they were quickly able to defeat the Plamonte's army and take the castle and capture the Plamonte's. When brought to Golden Palace Lord Oslo and his family were locked up in the Golden Keep where they awaited their fate, Lord Oslo was brought to the Throne room and was given two options one was to be beheaded for his crimes or two to be stripped of all titles and wealth and sent to live his days on Irnar Island. Lord Oslo refused the Emperors offer and was set to be beheaded the next day along with his wife and children. The day of the families execution a guard of the Golden Keep Ser Wymae helped Master Sallandor and Lady Vaeshira escape and got them on a boat to sail back to West Water once Emperor Arodos had found that Sallandor and Vaeshira were missing he sent his army to go out and find them later that day Lord and Lady Plamonte were both executed in Golden City's square.

When Sallandor and Vaeshira arrive back at West Water they sneak into the now captured castle and collect a sack of gold and leave Alssos. Sallandor and Vaeshira sailed for two months and eventually Landed in Len a large city on the continent of Len. For 2 years Sallandor and Vaeshira lived in on the run in Len until one day Sallandor was able to buy a fleet of 1000 ships from a man in Heron along with 20,000 warrior men they then set sail for Ukoris which at the time was an unstable continent of many kings.

In 1 BC Sallandor and his sister landed in Ukoris on the boat and began conquering Ukoris

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Members of House Plamonte tend to be very comely to look at with dark brown hair, amber eyes and full lips. Most members of House Plamonte have kept the features that are commonly found in Alssos.

Members[edit | edit source]

Alive Members[edit | edit source]

  • Queen Mother Phramilla Velvet, mother to Orkzan and widow of Tywon Plamonte, Born 234 AC
    • King Orkzan Plamonte, current head of the family and King of Ukoris and The Winter Isles, Great Lord of Plamonte Palace and Great Lord of The Kings Lands, Born 250 AC
    • Princess Dove Plamonte, the eldest sister of Orkzan and current Lady of Jewel Hall, Born 256 AC
      • Lord Camern Jem, her husband and head of House Jem and Lord of Jewel Hall, Born 252 AC
        • Lady Rosyn Jem, their oldest daughter, Born 273 AC
        • Master Efram Jem, their only son and heir, Born 275 AC
        • Lady Dellyin Jem, their youngest daughter, Born 277 AC
    • Princess Ollera Plamonte, the second sister of Orkzan and current Lady of Everheart, Born 260 AC
      • Lord Yon Everheart, her husband and head of House Everheart and Lord of Everheart, Born 254 AC
        • Lady Maide Everheart, their only daughter, Born 270 AC
        • Master Wilin Everheart, their only son and heir, Born 273 AC
    • Princess Madysen Plamonte, the youngest sister of Orkzan, Born 265 AC
      • Master Eythan Haystack, her husband of House Haystack and heir to Hay Hall current Master of War to Orkzan Plamonte, Born 264 AC
        • Master Ashter Haystack, their oldest son and heir, Born 281 AC
        • Lady Linly Haystack, their only daughter, Born 283 AC
        • Master Darreth Haystack, their youngest son, Born 285 AC
  • Princess Myrcella Plamonte, sister of Tywon and current Lady of The Heavens, Born 240 AC
    • Lord Jojora Heartbeat, her husband of House Heartbeat and current Lord of The Heavens, Born 234 AC
      • Lady Aymee Heartbeat, their eldest daughter and current Lady of Hika, Born 256 AC
        • Lord Randyl Rielle, her husband of House Rielle and current Lord of Hika, Born 250 AC
          • Lady Emlin Rielle, their oldest daughter and heir, Born 273 AC
          • Lady Pyramin Rielle, their youngest daughter, Born 275 AC
      • Master Reben Heartbeat, their oldest son and heir, Born 258 AC
        • Lady Haylee Bright, his wife of House Bright, Born 262 AC
      • Lady Taniya Heartbeat, their second daughter, Born 260 AC
      • Lady Eyva Heartbeat, their third daughter, Born 262 AC
      • Master Billon Heartbeat, their second son, Born 264 AC
      • Master Marcyl Heartbeat, their youngest son, Born 266 AC
      • Lady Cercila Heartbeat, their forth daughter, Born 267 AC
      • Lady Nera Heartbeat, their fifth daughter, Born 268 AC
      • Lady Abrey Heartbeat, their sixth daughter, Born 270 AC
      • Lady Prasylla Heartbeat, their youngest daughter, Born 272 AC

Deceased Members[edit | edit source]

  • King {Tywon Plamonte}, former head of the family and former King of Ukoris and The Winter Isles, Great Lord of Plamonte Palace and Great Lord of The Kings Lands, Born 230 AC, Died 275 AC
    • Prince {Iyrion Plamonte}, his youngest son, Born 259 AC, Died 271 AC

Before conquering Members[edit | edit source]

  • Lord {Jayrin Plamonte}, Founder of House Plamonte in 56 BC, Born 77 BC, Died 5 BC
    • Lady {Wynoreah Plamonte}, his wife, Born 70 BC, Died 7 BC
      • Lord {Oslo Plamonte}, their oldest son and heir he was Lord of West Water from 5 BC to 4 BC, Born 53 BC, Died 4 BC
        • Lady {Tyriah Sanen}, his wife of House Sanen, Born 47 BC, Died 4 BC
          • King {Sallandor Plamonte}, their only son who conquered the continent of Ukoris uniting them under on King, Born 34 BC, Died 25 AC
          • Princess {Vashira Plamonte}, their only daughter who conquered the continent of Ukoris uniting them under on King, Born 31 BC, Died 38 AC
      • Master {Lysaro Plamonte}, their youngest son, Born 51 BC, Died 4 BC
      • Lady {Wynera Plamonte}, their only daughter, Born 48 BC, Died 4 BC
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