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Migone City is a large port city in Ukoris. It is located in the very south of The Tropics in Ukoris on the Migone peninsula south of Yora Palace.

Migone City is ruled by House Herrinfor from their seat of Castle Migone and are a vassal to House Gyllene. There is also 3 minor houses located within Migone City who also hold significant power within the city itself the most powerful of them House Atlas.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Jamsio Herrinfor the Lord of Castle Migone and ruler of Migone City
    • Lady Margerin Herrinfor his wife
      • Master Kingsor Herrinfor their first son
        • Lady Taylor Atlas his wife
          • Master Hayden Herrinfor their son
      • Lady Nalia Herrinfor their first daughter
      • Lady Ariyana Herrinfor their second daughter
      • Master Cayle Herrinfor their second son
      • Master Gorson Herrinfor their youngest son
      • Lady Prasyla Herrinfor their daughter
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