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Plamonte Palace is the residence of the King of Ukoris and The Winter Isles, his family and his court, located within Plamonte City, the capital of Ukoris.

Located on the shoreline of Plamonte City it overlooks the Bay of Kings. It is currently the seat of King Orkzan Plamonte and his family. The Palace is massive and the second largest Palace in the whole of Ukoris ,second only to Diamante Palace the seat of House Laverre, it is made completely of white stone and its walkways are made of white and red marble. The palace's entrance is a long white marble walkway leading up to the entrance which is extravagantly decorated with golden statues of unicorns ,House Plamonte's sigil, also along the walkway are statues of Delphy in her multiple forms.

Notable current residents of the Palace[edit | edit source]

  • King Orkzan Plamonte, current head of the family and King of Ukoris and The Winter Isles, Great Lord of Plamonte Palace and Great Lord of The Kings Lands
  • Princess Madysen Plamonte, the youngest sister of Orkzan and wife of Eythan
    • Master Ashter Haystack, her oldest son
    • Lady Linly Haystack, her only daughter
    • Master Darreth Haystack, her youngest son
  • Master Yarwyn Gainwell, husband of Rayne
    • Lady Donella Gainwell, his only daughter
  • Lady Bellatona Winters, wife of Wyman
    • Master Laymon Maple, her only son
    • Lady Elayna Maple, her first daughter
    • Lady Lollyn Maple, her youngest daughter
  • Lady Barbora Crabbs, wife of Maxar
    • Master Dylan Born, her first son
    • Master Daxtar Born, her youngest son
    • Lady Marcella Born, her only daughter
  • Master Martyn Goodsnow, husband of Eyla
    • Lady Valentina Goodsnow, his first daughter
    • Master Oswell Goodsnow, his only son
    • Lady Isla Goodsnow, his second daughter
    • Lady Zyla Goodsnow, his youngest daughter
  • The kings council -
    • Master Eythan Haystack, husband of Madysen and heir to Hay Hall, Master of War
    • Lady Rayne Lessin, daughter of Lord Markwyn Lessin, Mistress of Money
    • Lord Wyman Maple, Lord of Maple Leaf, Master of Ships
    • Lord Maxar Born, Lord of Life Keep, Master of Allegiance
    • Lady Eyla Emersfeild, Daughter of Lord Raymond Emersfeild, Mistress of Voice
  • Servants of the Palace -
    • Sir Tyrio Tamsyn, Head of House Tamsyn and the Adviser and Handmaster to King Orkzan
      • Miss Jhovenette Eyman, his wife and the Handmaiden to Queen Sylastine
        • Sir Frankson Tamsyn, their only son and the Handmaster to Prince Rorth
        • Miss Manjo Tamsyn, their first daughter and the Handmaiden to Princess Tallah
        • Miss Shaena Tamsyn, their second daughter and the Handmaiden to Princess Adryanna
        • Miss Val Tamsyn, their youngest daughter and the Handmaiden to Princess Leilani
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