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Shineport is the largest and richest city in all of Ukoris. It is located on the western most point of The East in Ukoris on the Shining Peninsula south of the Tropic Marches.

Shineport is ruled by House Shinewall from their castle of New Keep a vassal to House Laverre. There is also 5 minor houses located within Shineport who also hold significant power within the city itself the most powerful of them House Shine are notably the most wealthy minor house in all of Ukoris .

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Sulvan Shinewall the Lord of New Keep and ruler of Shineport
    • Lady Lusia Blossom his wife
      • Master Alran Shinewall their first son
      • Master Eyan Shinewall their second son
      • Lady Sybell Shinewall their first daughter
      • Master Wyllin Shinewall their youngest son
      • Lady Jappan Shinewall their youngest daughter
  • Sir Zandren Shine head of House Shine
    • Miss Cayra Ville his wife
      • Sir Dextran Shine thier only son
      • Miss Taena Shine their only daughter
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