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Queen Sylastine Honeywood is the sixteenth queen of Ukoris to rule from Plamonte Palace. She is the oldest daughter of Rogor Honeywood and Sarannah Anji.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Appearance and Character[edit | edit source]

Sylastine is described as a pretty woman with pale white skin, long curled golden hair, sharp eyes and delicate lips.

Sylastine's attire often includes a long white silk gown decorated with flower petals of gold and white with a tight bodice that reveals the top of her breasts and a golden crown.

Sylastine is intelligent and cunning she knows what she wants and goes to severe lengths to achieve her goals. She is well liked by the common people of Plamonte as she is always doing charitable acts to ensure the population of the city stays safe and healthy.

History[edit | edit source]

Sylastine was born at her families seat of Honeycomb Hall she is the second child and first daughter of Lord Rogor Honeywood and Sarannah Anji. Sylastine was born in 251 AC making her 39 at the start of the story she has an older brother Tyron Honeywood and two younger sisters Marrianah and Rahhela Honeywood.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

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